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Date: February 07, 2018 at 20:39:30
From: vasubandu, []
Subject: Thinking about taking the leap

Hi everyone, my name is Matt Davis, and I live in
Seattle. I just completed my home theater system for
the family except for the subwoofer and TV. I
currently have an SVS PB2 Plus, which has 2 12-inch
drivers, and i love it. I was thinking about buying
an SVS B4 Plus out of San Diego that has 4 drivers,
but friends warned me not to buy old subwoofers for
which parts are not available. So I started looking
at current subs, and I love the SVS cylinders (SC
series). And then I was to to make one, but buy it.

So I am now considering just that, but I am clueless.
I can get great tubes in diameters with 2-inch
increments and lengths from 2 to 20 feet. A 4-foot
tube would be fine, but if shorter is better that
would work too, as one 6 feet long. Maybe I could
put four drivers on one like that.

At this stage, I really am looking for suggestions
about size and drivers. I really could have a 6-foot
subwoofer is there were a reason for it. I jeep my
crossover at 120 because I prefer the sound. I would
consider going even higher if the sound were high
enough quality.

If anyone has a few thoughts or suggestions, I would
welcome them. Thanks.
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