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Date: December 27, 2017 at 10:02:39
From: Mark, []
Subject: XMAS Project New Sub design

Hi All
I am about to start designing a sub or subs for my dedicated cinema room and need some advice.
I have a stage area under the screen 7M wide 1M deep and 390mm High. So I can use the whole of this area if necessary. So My budget is around the $2000 for Speakers and amp. don't worry about wood etc (She wont notice that!).
I would like a good quality sub that can also punch you in the stomach when listening to music etc but with low
extent for films. Now maybe I should build two types , one for film and one for music?
I already have two 18in Cewin Vega intense units, But whilst they are good , they don't go down to what I call sub bass level.
Due to the relatively low height available, Could i consider UP Firing? or would forward firing work with such little space top and bottom?
I could also consider down firing and leave a port along the bottom. What type should I be considering and what speakers should I go for (Could I re- use the CV's in a this new cabinet?) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Happy holidays.. Mark
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