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Date: August 17, 2016 at 14:21:57
From: Stunder74, []
Subject: Re: sub wiring... mixing 8ohm & 2ohm

I'm having the same issue...

What I have is:
2) 10" 8ohm svc, 100w rms each
1) 8" 2ohm dvc, 150w rms
1) mono amp: rated @
200w rms @ 4ohms &
300w rms @ 2ohms

So I have found that I can connect the
10's together in parallel and get 4ohms,
and connect the 8" dvc in series and get
4ohms. Therefore each separately at are
compatible with the amp's 4ohm wattage
rating. Also, all 3 subs together are
compatible with the amp's 2ohm wattage

However, I'm not finding anything about
mixing speakers of different ohm ratings
on a single channel amp, or how to
correctly wire the 3 subs together to get
a 2ohm load...

Do I need to connect the 2ohm dvc in
series, and then connect that in parallel
with both 8ohm svc to get 2ohm from the

Please let me know if I have it right, or
what would be the correct way to connect
them. Thanks
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