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Date: May 16, 2016 at 07:18:44
From: Vocaloid, []
Subject: Re: 2-separate 12" enclosures vs 1-dual divided enclosure

The main benefit in a building is the ability to adjust placement in the
room to tweak the overall picture and even out standing waves. The
effect would be less in a vehicle due to all of the other issues tied to
car audio. More pressing issues include lining the panels to dampen
any rattles (or road noise if lining the interior of the cabin too, not just
the trunk), which way to fire the woofers / ports (into the cabin,
backseat firing at trunk, backseat firing up, back of trunk firing at
seats, sides firing in, moulded into the cabin somewhere, etc...), or
possibly the construction materials used in the boxes themselves (I
personally would rather use particleboard than MDF (even though
most car audio buffs love the stuff) for most builds, or 3/4" plywood
with bracing in high power applications)... stuff like that. It's all
interesting discussion though :D.
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