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Date: May 16, 2016 at 07:18:34
From: Vocaloid, []
Subject: Re: Help! Wat size box does this speaker need?

.35 cubic feet minimum is the most detail I found online. It seems to
be discontinued on the website too. Nice thing about the low profile
subs is the relatively tiny box requirements. I personally would go
small - maybe .8 cubic feet or so. It'd be a good balance with the
benefits of a small sealed box, and should still handle the 500 watts
without jumping out of the basket there.

I understand the frustration though - just picked up a Kenwood
subwoofer that was built a decade ago... with no T/S specs to be
found online either (did find manufacturer box recommendation
though!). It limits the design choices for sure!

Looks like a few months back on this post though. Hope you both
found a solution that worked.
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