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Date: January 13, 2016 at 15:26:11
From: Carl Critz, []
Subject: isobaric ported sub, port length calculation

help with port length calc on isobaric ported sub. Vas is halved so Vb is halved. Port calculations use Vb not Vas so do you recalculate port length using original Fb and new Vb (1/2 of original)? If so is about doubling the original port length correct, that is what I got. 15" Dayton UM15-22 Fs 19.5, Vas 224, Qts .47, 6" port, 185 l Vb for isobaric, Fb 16.67. Vb 371 down to 185 with isobaric, port 16.5" up to 37" for isobaric. Thanks
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