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Date: September 13, 2014 at 05:52:13
From: Mark, []
Subject: Low Qes

My current project is designing and building a
vented subwoofer. I would like to base it on either
the PRV 18W2200 8 Ohm or the 2+2 version of that one
use at 4 Ohm. Preferably the last one as it is
easier to drive it at high power levels and is
currently locally available (I live on a small
island where the choice is limited or have to order
it from abroad).

Though I'm a bit stuck on the design of the vented
box the 2+2. According to the calculations the box
should only be about 57 liters for the maximally
flat response. But that only gives an F3 of 78Hz,
which is way to high of course.

I've read on the website about extended bass shelf
design. Did this in several tools, but they all give
quite different results while for the 8 Ohm driver
they all pretty much agree. I'm not sure what to
believe now and how accurate the curves are that
I'll get with increased volume, which do lower the
F3 compromising a less flat response.

I would really appreciate your insights on this
case. If you could include a compromise you could
live with, that would be great. Please also include
some of the reasoning behind it as I'm very willing
to expand my knowledge about speaker design. I've
also read that these kind of drivers work best with
a horn loaded design, but that's not an option in
this case. Though if that's the conclusion, then
I'll have to with another driver.

Thanks in advance!
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