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Date: July 29, 2014 at 18:30:41
From: Jon, []
Subject: Re: speaker modification

I's prob been 10 years since I posted here, but thought I'd have a read of the posts again.
Any way back to your speakers.
You will be able to modify the existing crossover to a lower frequency, but without the current circuit it is difficult to offer a solution.
If you totally removed the current crossover, and fitted a new passive low pass filter of the right frequency, this would work.
Something like this:

Also the speakers are not really 'Sub' quality they only work down to 60-80Hz, but if that's fine for your application then rock on.

Remember dont just remove the horn and leave a hole, this will change the tuning of the cabinet. Best would be just to disconnect the wiring inside when you change the crossover.


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