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Date: March 08, 2014 at 09:40:26
From: Vega-Man v2.0, []
Subject: Re: tapped with a kind of push-pull configuration

push/pull isobaric loading doubles moving mass, halves
impedance and halves Vas, and i may be incorrect here,
but when when modeling you should be able to double

as far as how to model in hornresp, assuming the driver
doesn't actually effect the space inside of the horn it
would seem that you would simply change the appropriate
values in the appropriate way, ie for Cms, 1/2 the Vas
figure and so on.

i did a quick mock up, and again this may or may not be
the ideal way to work with hornresp in this regard
however i linked the spl chart (and others) of my mock-
up. by using the 1/2ing/doubling technique hornresp
changed the value of Cms (1/2), Mms(x2), Re(1/2),

light gray is single driver, dark is how i figure
isobaric to be
spl :
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