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Date: December 03, 2013 at 06:42:25
From: Vega-Man v2.0, []
Subject: Re: Sealed or Ported for JL Audio 12" W3 for home theater

the manufacturers sealed box figures are actually for
an "optimum" q around .707. this would work well in
home, or you can go with a slightly larger sealed box
at around 1.65 ft^3 (per driver). would be extremely
musical and plunge down low for home theater.

the ported boxes i came up with are either huge, or
peaky. the smoothest of the bunch was a 4.7 ft^3 box
with 4"x12.5" port. after displacement and quite a bit
of bracing you're right around 5ft^3 (per driver) which
is a good sized piece of real estate. you could do an
isobaric configuration to half that size, but you'll
lose a good bit of output.

as brian said you can use the ported.xls spreadsheet
here, or use other modeling programs, but i think
sealed is the way to go. good luck

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