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Date: November 22, 2013 at 08:18:12
From: Vega-Man, []
Subject: Re: JBL 2226H HPL 15 driver

I had done a pair of boxes for PA style woofers like
this some years ago. 1 was for a JBL 2242, that box
came out to be something like 6 ft^3 with 2 4" ports at
11". it wasnt by any means "flat" but did extend the
response of the driver down low and did so loudly.

you have a different driver and a different box.
first an optimal ported, which would keep everything
relatively even:
2.25 ft^3 box with 2 4" ports 10" long
an extended bass model 4.5 ft^3 2 4" ports at 7" long.
this will extend the bass response but reduce output.
being a PA driver extension isnt it's primary function
but you can definitely toy with those starting points.
you're still talking 120+ dB of sub bass
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