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Date: November 10, 2013 at 03:34:27
From: MathieuV, []
Subject: JBL 2226H HPL 15 driver

Hello there,

I bought this driver second hand online as I thought it would be
a good speaker for a PA subwoofer. I was thinking about going
either ported or 4th order bandpass. But when I ran the specs through
both excel-spreadsheets, the results were rather disappointing.
So is this driver any good for building a subwoofer, or do you guys have
any suggestions that would make it usable as a subwoofer driver?

Here are the most important T/S parameters:

Fs = 40 Hz
Qms = 5,0
Qes = 0,33
Qts = 0,31
Vas = 175 l
Sd = 0,088 m^3
Xmax = 7,6mm
Vd = 0,689 l

Thanks in advance guys!
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