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Date: October 04, 2013 at 19:00:15
From: norman bates, []
Subject: Re: If I say sealed box for apartment you think?

Sealed qtc .707 Vb = 5.5ft3
F3 = Fsb = 31hz

For 200 watts in, it hits around 110db but starts rolling below 50hz.
20hz is roughly 8db down.
So if we add 8db of boost, we can get 102db with 200watts in before skipping past xmax.

Ported Vb = 403L = 14ft3
F3 = 17hz
Tune = 16hz
Port = 6 port 1.5 long

200 watts in stays under the 14mm Xmax. Max excursion @ 25hz, expect 108db @ 20hz. But it would be safer to run a 12db subsonic filter at 17hz also, but you lose 2db around 20hz.

So the ported gives around 6db more output (at 20hz), but the box is 2.5 times as large.

Id run 2 of them in a sealed push pull for 11ft3. Maybe Id add boost, maybe not. Ive run some sealeds that while not too loud, seemed to really plumb the depths compared to a ported box tuned at and having and F3 of 27hz.

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