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Date: May 16, 2012 at 18:35:00
From: doublejay, []
Subject: Re: sub box

putting it in a smaller box will increase the power
handling by physically inhibiting the motion of the
cone. Provided that the thermal limit of the voice
coil(s) is not exceeded this would solve problems with bottoming out at high volume.
the downside is that, in a sealed box, the low end roll
off starts higher as the box size decreases from
optimal. If this is for your car that fact might not
be a problem, cabin gain starts to take over fairly
high up in the "bass" band.
The speaker you specify is no slouch so put it in that
tiny box and give it as much amp as it can handle or as
you can afford. EQ the bass in more (if you need it!)
and the little box should allow at least moderate gains
without distortion.
duty cycle on that particular speaker may not be
affected either, as it is fairly robust.
if it is for your house, that's a whole other

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