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Date: March 30, 2012 at 07:01:50
From: James, []
Subject: DIY project questions - Krell MRS meets Martin Logan Statements E2

Hi - I'm thinking of starting a new sub project to be added to my ML
prodigy / REL stentor 2 setup to add powerful clean bottom end -
sound quality is certainly my aim rather than boom-busing SPL - but
the system is used 70% movies / 30% music so LFE handling is
certainly an aim!

What I'd love to float for your thoughts / input is my idea to try and
make a pair of sub-towers similar to Martin Logan's 'Statement E2'
flagship (but discontinued) units - perhaps building out of thick
Aluminium (1 inch thick) much like Krell's MRS monsters ?

The ML Statement E2 used two sub towers (1 left, 1 right) each
made up of 4 pairs of 12 inch drivers pointing away from each other -
sealed enclosures, lots of power on hand.

I can envisage that it could be relatively possible to get sealed
Aluminium enclosures made up to house the drivers, source a
suitable driver type (help needed knowing which would be the best
type please!) and experiment with placement etc.

Krell's MRS seems to be a similar arrangement but with 2 massive
15 inch drivers rather than 16x 12 inch drivers - Looks like a sealed
enclosure and again having the drivers 'in phase'

Has anyone tried an arrangement like these? Any thoughts on what I
could research please?

FWIW I love the sound from the volt driver in the REL Stentor 2 sub -
and they can be purchased easily here in e UK - they have 10/12/15
inch drivers which look pretty solid...

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