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Bill Eckle's Marriage "Made in Heaven"
last updated: 31st October 1997

Multimedia System, full view

Shown above is a picture of Bill's NEW DIY multimedia system. The left & right speakers are 3 liter sealed boxes using NHT 458 bass/mid drivers as used in NHT's Super Zero and Lineam dipole tweeters as used in Radio Shack's LX-5 Pro minispeakers. The crossover is a simple 1st order at ~4.2 KHz. Bill's named them the "Marriage Made in Heaven" as they use the best features of two different commercial systems.

Figure 1: 1/2" MDF box w/double thick front baffle covered by 1/4" red oak plywood, edges routed to accept solid oak edge moldings. contruction view #1
Figure 2: Front & rear of cabinets with edge moldings installed and driver & terminal plate cutouts routed. Front and rear views (construction)
Figure 3: Front & rear of cabinets with screen standoffs and crossover installed.
Figure 4: Front & rear view of finished system less screens.
Figure 5: Finished system with screen.

Bill can be contacted via e-mail at