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Bill Eckle's Audio/Video Cabinet
last updated: 14th January 1998

Audio/Visual cabinet

Pictured above is Bill Eckle's system housed in home built cabinets, with smoked glass doors with the interior lit by "peanut" lamps when the door is open. Also visible are the Aria 5s on the 1259 sub cabinets. Of his cabinet, Bill says "I bought some cheap cabinets years ago with the smoked glass doors. I replaced the tops & bottoms, and covered the 1" fiberboard sides, inside & out with 1/4" oak plywood. Added half round oak moldings to the front. Installed 2" x 2" aluminum angle on each side, drilled and tapped the angle for EIA spacing and now have rack-mount cabinets. There are also "peanut" lamps on the edge of the doors that light when the doors are opened. Now the hard part is fabricating angle iron brackets to rack mount all my components."

[TV speakers]

Pictured above is the TV base (before the grill cloth is installed) with a pair of Altec 755s in the doors to serve as TV speakers. Seldom is the TV played through the main system. This TV base in on casters to provide easy movement, although the rear of the system can be accessed by opening the window behind the cabinets, and reaching in from outside. Switching phone jacks were installed in the TV speaker wires to plug in the 755s. The Altec 755s were designed for speech intelligibility, and are relatively efficient so make excellent TV speakers.

Bill can be contacted via e-mail at