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2007 Hyundai Tucson Car Audio Upgrade

last updated: 12 October 2018

My previous car, a Suzuki Grand Vitara, was written off by my mechanic, so I purchased a Hyundai Tucson to replace it. The Tucson has a decent stock audio system (certainly better than many of the other stock systems I've had the displeasure of hearing), but I was soon thinking about what I could do to upgrade it. My basic plan is to put in a kick-ass system that is as stealth as I can make it, i.e. little or no visible signs of any upgrades.

Head Unit:
Pioneer Premier 980BT with CD-UB100 USB interface
Amplifiers: MTX4160, Pioneer GDM-510
Front Speakers: Silver Flute
W17RC38-04 midbass drivers, Seas 27TFFNC/G tweeters, custom-designed crossover (Madisound) (stock front speaker locations), Aurasound NT1-204-8D tweeters and custom-designed 8kHz high-pass filter (stock sail panel locations)
Rear Speakers:
Silver Flute W17RC38-04 midbass drivers, Seas 27TFFNC/G tweeters, custom-designed crossover (Madisound) (stock rear speaker locations)

This photo shows the stock deck. It looks like a standard DIN-sized deck (one of the reasons why I went with the Tucson - many of the other 2007 models appear to be equipped with non-standard decks, which will make the upgrade process a lot more difficult). Quite likely this is going to end up being the most visible part of the upgrade, because the deck I've chosen to replace it, a Pioneer Premier 980BT does not look anything like the stock deck.

The stock system is equipped with four 6.5" "full-range" speakers and two tweeters mounted on the sail panels.

The photo above shows the stock speaker grill for the left rear speaker. There's a slight "tunnel" between the grill and the stock speaker, which may affect the midrange response at bit.

Shown above is one of the stock speakers. It has one of the smallest motors that I've ever seen on a 6.5" speaker.  I'm guessing that it's a neodymium  magnet, hence the smaller structure.

The photo above shows the spare tire well, where the subwoofer is likely going to go (another reason why I chose the Tucson - most of the other SUVs on the market have the spare tire mounted on the rear door, rather than in the trunk). The subwoofer is going to be a sealed alignment using the two 12" drivers.

[head unit]
[main speakers]