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 QSpeakers : woofer enclosure designer for Linux (and possibly windows)   ben   30-APR-2018 14:40:49 
 Re: measuring inductance   Charles Balek   05-APR-2018 14:56:56 
 BOX FOR HERTZ HX380D   Meer   27-FEB-2018 14:21:05 
 Thinking about taking the leap   vasubandu   07-FEB-2018 20:39:30 
 Re: Tri Tuned Dual Chamber Enclosures   theodore fontenot   04-FEB-2018 17:48:33 
 XMAS Project New Sub design   Mark   27-DEC-2017 10:02:39 
 Sub box    Paul T   30-OCT-2017 18:37:01 
 Re: I need help integrating an old Bose Acoustimass sub into my...   Giovanni   30-OCT-2017 18:36:34 
 Subwoofer Design for 2xKEF B139B's   koozoop   03-OCT-2017 07:03:47 
 Re: Can i turn a regular speaker into a simple subwoofer???   Frank   03-OCT-2017 07:02:49 

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DIY Subwoofers Test Forum

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 Testing again   Tester   29-NOV-2008 12:17:46 

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